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My pronouns are he/him or they/them and I am a product leader who takes a human-centered and empathetic approach to the solutions I help create. With over 8 years of experience ranging from content strategy to product management, I often refer to my career as eclectic and purposeful. My dynamic background equips me with a unique balance of analytical and creative. 

I am fueled by my personal mission statement: live authentically and create space for others to do the same. And as I explore new opportunities, I am deeply motivated by connecting my personal mission statement with my work and projects.  Simply put: I want to help people in a meaningful, impactful way. 




  • Led and analyzed hundreds of hours of voice of customer/product discovery calls

  • Utilized user behavior data to create a home-page experience that fit users' needs

  • Centered team's strategy and vision on user-focused and lean/agile product development principals


  • Expanded customer data collection (e.g., increasing responses from 18k to over 250k in a few months)

  • Authored data analysis and case studies for stakeholders that were easy to understand and jargon free

  • Led the build out, and iterations, of data tools and dashboards 


  • Owned the discovery and development of data algorithms that predict and model content quality & performance

  • Established content standards and tone for various content formats

  • Created update and maintenance pipelines to keep content fresh and up-to-date


I had the pleasure of working with Trent while they were at Pluralsight. The title doesn't do justice to the many roles and impact Trent has had on the team, to our customers and the business. I've seen Trent develop into a Product Manager, taking on hard problems that were focused on driving big impact for our authors, learners and business. They were able to lead a small team with limited resources to help the business understand the impact and quality of our content, something no one was able to do before.


Trent leads people through difficult conversations with eloquent and powerful messages. And they do it with ease. They have emotional intelligence that is unmatched. Trent is a powerful team member and leader who I love working with. I strongly recommend you work with Trent if you get the opportunity!

— Lauren Gray; 

Principal Product Manager 


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