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  • Published in 3 major marketing channels (print, blog, and social)

  • 600,000 copies printed in the US

  • Translated into 10 languages

  • 13,500 blog pageviews

  • 1,000 facebook reactions, 996 facebook shares


Originally written for the company's printed newsletter, this article is a great example of excellent cross-team collaboration. Doctors and essential oils tends to be a taboo subject in the essential oil industry. Noticing certain trends in the data, I wanted to tell a story that talked about this subject in a new and fresh way. I connected with our blog team and social media team to adapt this story to gain the most access and reach. We were able to 


Have you ever felt timid about bringing up the topic of our essential oil-infused dietary supplements with your health care provider? We want to help you have productive conversations that will ease any nervousness! Using our dietary supplements as part of a wellness regimen is important to any Young Living member, and as with any other supplement or wellness product, we recommend the common sense approach of consulting with your licensed health care provider prior to use.

As you work to address your personal wellness, it’s important that you advocate for yourself. Everyone reacts to and uses our products a little differently, so it’s essential to openly discuss the personal wellness choices you want to make. As you are visiting with your provider, go in with a plan to help you navigate a positive and productive conversation. Remember—both you and your provider want you to live with wellness and vitality, so strive to work as a team!

Share your point of view

  • Take to your appointment the dietary supplements you commonly use, so your provider can look at them firsthand, read the labels, and see their recommended uses.

  • Share your thoughts about the products and what you’ve noticed while you have used them.

Emphasize working together

  • Seek a provider who has experience and skills in using essential oils and dietary supplements.

  • If given advice that differs from your point of view and/ or from the label’s recommended uses, don't argue or act defensively. Instead, thank your provider for his or her opinion and time.

Provide information

  • Read labeling on each product with your provider and seek advice that aligns with the label’s suggestions. If you have questions, you can always find additional information on under the “Products” tab.


Having open and candid conversations is a simple way to share perspectives, emphasize teamwork, and provide information. By using these strategy tips, you can learn to feel comfortable discussing how you use Young Living products to support the most optimal and wellness-focused life possible!

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