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Destruction, chaos, and devastation are still the norm for the local communities in Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes. After visiting Nepal in January 2016, Young Living Founder D. Gary Young was overwhelmed with the devastation that still exists in a nation that is slowly recovering. Nearly one million people in Nepal are still homeless and have few resources. But Gary and the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation are out to change that and are taking immediate action.

After penning a heartfelt letter, Gary was able to inspire and bring together communities in a time of hurt. Thanks to Young Living members spanning the globe, the Foundation received donations that were quickly put to work. Rebuilding is under way in the heavily devastated community of Yarsa, a mountain village located near the epicenter of the main earthquake.

A brick-making machine, identical to the one used for construction projects at the Young Living Academy in Ecuador, is currently being used to rebuild countless homes and a school in the village. So far, we have completed the first several homes, started several others, and also started rebuilding the primary school in Yarsa. Since every home in the village was destroyed, we are moving forward with plans to build 112 homes in total. We will also build the first-ever high school in the village, so students will no longer have to walk two hours each way to go to a secondary school.

Not only will the brick-making plant supply jobs to locals who are currently unemployed, it will also make use of an over-abundant local resource: mud. Gary has been spearheading the project and has traveled to Nepal several times in the past months to guide the construction efforts. We have also hired local construction workers and engineers and are using local equipment and materials where possible.

"The people of Nepal have experienced total devastation to homes and communities, to lives and livelihoods,” says Young Living Senior Director of Global Philanthropy Nikki Davis. “Because, in part, of its remote location, Yarsa had received no aid in the year since the disaster—until Gary led the charge, through the Foundation and our compassionate members, to step in and help.”

More than ever, the Foundation needs your help in making an impact in Nepal. You can provide ongoing support by visiting to make a one-time or ongoing donation. With 100 percent of all donations going directly to its partnerships and projects, the Foundation is focused on providing resources to revitalize schools and homes and create better, more livable environments in Nepal.

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