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When we talk to men about joining SigEp, we promise them academic support, increased campus networking prospects, and tailored mentoring relationships that will shape and guide them throughout college.

Last semester, as we reflected on the potential impact of each of these aspects of SigEp life, we realized we could never fully fulfill them without the help of strong faculty fellows.

So here’s what we did about it:

  1. At the beginning of the semester, we encouraged all brothers to get to know and meet faculty and professors in their programs.

  2. We then asked brothers for names of faculty they thought would make an impact in our chapter.

  3. The vice president of member development contacted each prospective name to set up a time to meet and gave them information regarding the program as a whole.

  4. Finally, we formally invited the top faculty in our pool if to serve in this capacity.

Since recruiting our four new faculty fellows, we have seen our chapter take huge strides. Our member development program has never been better. We have more accountability to perform academically and in every other way. And, we have stronger selling points when we’re recruiting our campus’s top talent to join our chapter.

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a more in-depth guide for engaging and recruiting great faculty fellows.

Here’s to making every SigEp chapter the best chapter on campus!

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