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Everybody’s curious about what it takes for their favorite Young Living single oils and blends to arrive at their door. Learning about the process of getting an oil from the distillery to your home will give you a greater understanding of the journey each product takes.

After the distillation of a botanical at one of our farms or partner farms, the essential oils are sent to our manufacturing warehouse in Spanish Fork, Utah, which allows us to control the quality of our oils after they are produced. Each essential oil is quarantined while it waits to be tested in our quality assurance labs. Our quarantine is locked and guarded around the clock to ensure that nothing will be compromised in any way.

Our scientists make sure through an extensive process of testing that each batch of oil is entirely plant-based, matches what is on the label, and includes the correct required constituents. Failing even one of these steps results in that oil being rejected.

The experienced analytical chemists at Young Living are amazing, and their experience combined adds up to over 185 years of testing on state-of-the-art equipment, adding to the assurance that we are the world leader in essential oils.

After passing each test, the oil is taken to batching and filling. Single oils, like Lavender, are put directly into the bottles and are never diluted or adulterated with other substances.

The oils that make up our unique blends, like Thieves®, follow the same testing procedures but are then blended according to the precise directions of D. Gary Young and our Research and Development team. Our experienced team follows the exact specifications of the formulations every time. The blends are then sent to the filling stations, where the bottles are filled, sealed, and labeled.

Automated equipment fills, seals, and labels each bottle with a tamper-evident lid. Samples of each batch of bottles are then taken to the lab for yet another round of testing to be sure the oil you receive is 100 percent pure. Whether it’s the lids, labels, or boxes, each piece of packaging is top- quality to match the quality of our oil.

Then using sophisticated tools, resources, and technologies, our employees fulfill and double- check your order before it is hand-packed. Although it takes a little more time to do this by hand, it’s worth it because you get exactly what you ordered. The journey of your order includes care and personal attention every step of the way.

In the event that an error in packing does occur, our Member Services representatives quickly and efficiently make certain your order is promptly corrected.

If you loved learning about this journey, head over to and, where you’ll find even more great content about the journey of our oils.

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