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This year we’re celebrating our Northern Lights farm and distillery with another first. During the 2016 Canadian Convention in August, we welcomed Young Living members and the Fort Nelson, British Columbia, community to our first Farm Day at the Northern Lights farm. This grand opening showcased our commitment to our Seed to Seal® promise, and as each visitor toured this farm, they saw how our unique partnership with nature comes to life.

“We are proud to officially open the gates and invite visitors to experience our farm in Canada,” said Jared Turner, Young Living Chief Operating Officer. “This farm is one of our founder’s greatest passions and achievements, and we are honored to share Northern Lights with our members and the local community, who have supported this endeavor from day one.”

Established in 2014 to help ensure the supply of Black Spruce essential oil, the Northern Lights farm has been a passion project from the beginning for Young Living Founder D. Gary Young. Located in northern British Columbia, the farm’s diverse climate is ideal for cultivating hardy, essential oil-rich trees—a key factor in Gary’s selection of the area.

At the 2015 International Grand Convention in Dallas, Texas, we celebrated our first distillation of Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil with a special commemorative collection. This oil reflects the character of the trees from which it is distilled, echoing their resilient and deeply rooted strength, making it a key ingredient in some of our most popular blends like Valor II and Shutran. The nutrient-rich soil at the farm is also ideal for cultivating ledum and yarrow, which grow naturally throughout the area.

In addition to the distillery, the farm includes a drying plant for the leftover distilled chips to make pellets for wood burning stoves, a conference and education center with about 20 guest rooms, a visitor center, campground, RV park, and one of our signature floral water spas.

This farm upholds our unwavering commitment to the Seed to Seal promise. All Young Living essential oils are produced from plants that were grown the way nature intended them—free of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers.

Individuals who visit the Northern Lights farm can experience firsthand the role it plays in honoring our commitment to the Seed to Seal promise and our dedication to sustainable, independent producing and sourcing of pure, therapeutic- grade essential oils.

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