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Starting a new year is an opportunity to start fresh and to continue your momentum. The themes of new beginnings, fresh starts, and creating the life you want become brighter than ever. Sometimes, however, thinking about the new year and its new possibilities can be overwhelming. Young Living brand ambassadors James Lawrence, Edina Hamulic, and Vicky Vlachonis share how they start the new year to achieve their goals. Try following their lead as a springboard for kick- starting your year in the best way.

James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy, shares his perspective on persevering through any struggle: “Too often we set goals to kick off the new year; and as soon as we fall short, even just a little, we give up on them.” He continues, “To be successful, we need to stay constant and consistent to be on top of the goals and progress we are making. This year, create a plan of constant goal-setting and frequent assessment of your progress.” This approach allows James to monitor and understand his progress.

As an osteopath, Vicky Vlachonis shares her holistic approach of reflecting and releasing. “Once you’ve reflected what didn’t serve you and move you closer to your goals and dreams, begin to release. When your body is healthy and strong, it improves your mind’s ability to be clear and focused.” By emphasizing your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the prior year, Vicky believes that achieving your goals will be easier.

Edina Hamulic is a figure pro with the National Gym Association, and she’s no rookie when it comes to setting goals. “I start my new year by creating a 12-week workout program,” she says. “I also set a goal to eat at least two healthy meals per day.” The way Edina kicks off her new year creates a sense of routine that allows her to maintain her hard work.

No matter how you start the new year, creating the future you want begins with one simple step: starting. Whether you use the advice of our brand ambassadors or create your own kick-start program, we are here cheering you along the way!

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